Green tea face mask

15m R 195,00

Neck Peel

5m R 200,00 

Serum Intensive injection

55m R 1750,00

Sama peel

30m R800,00 

Skin booster microneedling (HA B3)

30m R 18000,00 

Anti ageing hand peel 15%

30m R 300,00 

Anti ageing hand peel 25%

30m R 500,00 

Sama peel

30m R 800,00

Lightening peel

30m R 900,00

Dark eye peel package

30m R 2500,00

Dark circle rejuvenation peel

30m R 420,00

vampire Facial + Neck/Scalp microneedling

30m R 4000,00

Neck Microneedling

5m R 300,00

Opulence oxygen facial

40m R 2000,00

Rejuvinate oxygen facial

40m R 1500,00

Fire & Ice peel

30m R 800,00

layered peel

30m R 800,00

Opulence oxygen facial

40m R 2000,00

Rejuvinate oxygen facial

40m R 1500,00

dermal filler

1h R 2300,00

Eye lid lift/belph

1h R 2500,00

Skin tag removal

20m R 800,00
30m R 1500,00
45m R 2000,00

Drip glow boost glutathione double dose

15m R 1950,00

Drip Combination – Myers + glutathione

30m R 2000,00 

Hydrocortisone addition

30m R 80,00 


30m R 80,00 


30m R 90,00

Drip_Vit B12

30m R 80,00

Drip_Vit C

30m R 150,00


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1h 30m R 3 000,00+ 

Stretch mark microneedling

1h R 1300,00

Male excessive underarm sweating treatment

1h R 4500,00 


Nutritional weight loss

1h R 1 000,00+ 

Vitamin B injection

30m R 300,00 

 Slim down injections- 5 week course

these are injections done in clinic once a week 2500 includes all 5 injections once purchased the client must use all 5 injections in 5 weeks or they will forfeit missed injections 
30m R 2500,00



Hair line stimulation treatment (gold standard)

1h R 1 200,00+

Intra lesional injections acne keloidalis nuchae

30m R 5 000,00 

Hair line stero-mesotherapy

30m R 1 000,00+ 


3Om R1950,00 

Vagacial- a facial for your intimate areas

30m R 750,00 


30m R 380,00
45m R 480,00

Hot stone Massage

1h R 650,00

Hand massage

30m R280,00

Swedish Massage

A relaxing foot massage to relieve tension in the feet and lower legs. This de-stressing treatment involves a foot ritual with a soak and scrub followed by a soothing pressure point massage to ease tired legs and feet
1h R 600,00

Mother to be Massage

1h R 650,0

Full leg

30m R 200,00

Half leg

30m R 210,00


30m R 140,00


10m R 80,00


10m R 80,00

Half Arm

30m R 210,00

Nail art per nail

5m R 25,00

Ombre tips

1h R 520,00

Buff and Paint only

30m R 130,00

Tips full set colour

1h R 500,00

Gel overlay hands

1h R 260,00

Gel fill hands

30m R 275,00

Gel toes

30m R 275,00

Nail fix acrylic

30m R 70,00

Nail fix gel

15m R 50,00

Soak off acrylic

30m R 95,00


30m R 295,00

Pedicure with paint

30m R 300,00

Nose threads

30m R 1800,00

Thread brow lift

30m R 4800,00

Face numbing 

20m R 1,00

Hairline numbing

20m R 1,00